Loving the hard to love….it is REALLY hard for me.

Several years ago I read the book Everybody Always by Bob Goff and I will say it changed me in the best way.


Because it forced me to look at my struggles and he called me out on what I am not great at….loving the hard to love.

Here’s the honest truth...I am a people person and I do love people. I love socializing and being around positive and I love love love kind souls.....

BUT -  it is hard for me to love the hard to love ones.

So what’s a girl to do??

Well, before I read Everybody Always, I had established boundaries and decided who I would let sit in the "front row" of my life and who I would give a ticket to for the “nose bleed” section of my life.

(Great advice from my life helper aka therapist)

I had let everyone cram into the front row, passed out backstage passes and let them all see my stage dance in life...and when you are that close, you see every fall and every missed step.

Here is the link I am missing and continue to work on...not everyone will show up to your life ready to give you the love you need, want or deserve...these are the HARD TO LOVE peeps.

💜 They are necessary, they teach us a way that we don’t know.

💜 They show us a perspective perhaps we haven’t gained.

💜 They help us find our strength and our voice and our tolerance of what we will accept or not accept.

💜 They will come in and out of your life.

You will have them for seasons and some may loiter for your entire life.

Yes, for crying out loud, if they are toxic or unsafe, put that boundary up for your safety but here is the catch:

PRAY for them and don’t wish for ill will or something unkind to happen to them.

Pray for their heart and their path.

Maybe something is missing in their life and they are on a quest to find it and the way they act is a result of that. We don’t know but we assume.

We don’t have to save everyone but we can pray they find the path that will set them free so they can show up for someone, snag a seat in the front row and really cheer for them.

Above all of this...

Pray that your heart truly believes what you are saying to God

...that you honestly want them to reach their potential and find their path with their people.

He knows our hearts so we can be good with words but our hearts....well, they are the dead giveaway to Him.

Today, I am keeping my boundary but working on my heart. I am praying my hard-to-love that have been in my life will find their way.

I will pray good things happen for them. I believe this is how we learn to live with all the people...the easy to love, hard to love, fun to love and struggle bus kind of love...we got this.

He’s got this.

And together, we got this.


  1. Jeanne Garman on December 6, 2019 at 9:57 am

    Words of wisdom, thank you for sharing Andrea

    • Andrea Robinson on December 6, 2019 at 6:58 pm

      Thank you for letting me share! xo