My Best 10 Shoe Finds at Wal-Mart

By now, I hope you know my inner love for a bargain and a good deal. Our friendship has grown, right? I have told you that 10 years ago I was the WORST bargain shopper ever. I mean, I HAD to have the expensive dresses and all the pricey things because "I was on TV." And all that did was dig my family and I deeper in debt. Three years into marriage and $52,000 later we had really done a doozy in the finance department.

Read our story here if you want to see what we did and how our plan of action helped us radically change our lives and live the life we do today...still walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

I LOVE Wal-Mart, Tar-Jay, Amazon, Marshall's and TJ-Maxx to name a few. I love a red clearance tag! They always make me smile.

Here to remind you too that you too can still rock a cute outfit and not go deeper into debt or back into debt. Again, we all have a different set of priorities but when we aren't waking up everyday to pay the piper and living as a slave to the lender, I promise you that your life will change in more ways than I could ever express here in a short blog.

So, here's a fun list of my best shoe finds recently at Wal-Mart. BUT, you must act fast because they get scooped up in a jiffy. And as always, in full transparency, if you order from my links, I make a tiny commission off of each item. It's a way to bring in a little money to support the mission behind YOU DO YOU. Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, thank you for your loyalty and friendship.

  1. Court Sneakers: a great rival to some of the fancy expensive ones you see everywhere. And these are $15!
  2. Leopard Slip On Sneakers: Do we need an explanation? EVERYONE needs a pair of leopard shoes.
  3. Snakeskin Flats: I have these in leopard and black studded...THEY are so comfy and jazz up any pair of basic skinny jeans.
  4. Snakeskin Gold Flecked Slip On Sneakers: They have memory foam and are cute. Enough said. You will live in these and they are $9!
  5. Lace Up Suede Heeled Bootie: Looks so cute with ANYTHING. A long dress, shiny leggings or skinny jeans. And under $25!
  6. White Bootie: Who knows how long the white bootie trend is going to last but we aren't about to spend a fortune to rock that look...these are PERFECT and they are $20!
  7. Quilted Flat Espadrille: Cutest little spring or summer sandal here. Because it will warm up soon and we will be living in these.
  8. Gladiator Ankle Sandal: THESE. THESE. They rival the pricey ones that have been out for some time. Studded and come in clear or black. For $12, grab both because we know the drill, when they are gone, they are gone.
  9. Rose Gold Cross Sandal: These are an everyday in the summer staple. And under $15!
  10. Wedge Bootie: Goes with everything. A must! $20.

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