Living in the House of Gratitude

You know those days when someone comes to you at the perfect time?

It’s God coming to remind you to change your attitude and shift your perspective. In fact it happens a lot to me. Does it to you too?

I was at one of my best friend’s big birthday bash with tons of beautiful and amazing people. My mind was so messy that day over stupid stuff.

“I have so much to do. There are loads of laundry piled and now so wrinkled because I didn’t fold it 2 days ago.”

Then my to do list turned to worry that day too.

“We won’t be able to do that because the budget doesn’t allow. I should not have quit my job and this worry wouldn’t happen.”

Well, I know I should have been present at the party but my mind was spinning with all of this junk. Right then and there, a conversation shifted me immediately. Actually, gut punched me!

One of the sweet women there, whom I have gotten to know, came up to me and hugged me. We hugged for a while. She cried. I was so thrilled to see her up and dressed and there.

You see, she has been fighting cancer for a long time!

She goes to 4 hours of chemo every other Wednesday. She fights and fights and her spirit is brighter than the sun on a hot July day in Phoenix. She’s hopeful, she’s faithful and she truly lives in the house of gratitude.

She had her pretty long haired wig on, topped with her hot pink trucker hat that read “F&%@ Cancer", which we all can agree is the word we would use, right?! Anyway, she sat and said:

“I am tired but I am here, I am here still for a reason. However, I would give ANYTHING to have the worries of debt, bills, or a crappy job if it meant not having to deal with cancer and all this crap.”

Well, yep, that hit me HARD. Head on, brick wall, HARD.

My bratty brain self talk quickly shut up and I just hugged her. She’s a gem and she’s got the strength of God in her. He’s got her here to do His work for however long we don’t know but I know she is a gift and I am grateful for her today.

That is what topped my grateful list today. I hope your list is full too and if not, maybe my own story of perspective punch will help you too.

Let's live in the beautiful house of gratitude forever, deal?

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