Found me a room here in this house…

I found a house inside the house of gratitude and I am going to stay here forever. I want that for you as well.

For the last couple of years I have worked on focusing on the good in my life and let me tell All for the better too.

Why does positive thinking, the attitude of gratitude feel so good?

Well, at first, I just kept chasing the feeling I would get as I began my journal practice.

💜It felt nice.

💜It felt like a warm hug.

💜It felt like steamy, yummy coffee going down on a cold morning.

💜It felt like warm sunshine on my face on a crisp winter day.

I would start the day with beautiful, loving thoughts, no matter how forced it felt some days, I did it.

When the day went to hell and a hand basket I made myself look back at what I wrote hours prior to when Negative Nancy showed up in my brain or Murphy’s Law came knocking at my door. I forced myself to get back to seeing the beauty while dealing what mess got spilled into my life.

After working at this for months, I got curious….why does a grateful heart or this newly focused way of thinking just feel so damn good??

WELLLLLL….Nancy Drew here with your answers….😂!

Actually, I don’t love math or science but the reporter in me loves useless facts that help tell a story but essentially end up sitting in your brain forever….so here they are.

👉Random acts of kindness and adopting an attitude of gratitude floods our brain with dopamine

...that feel good chemical our brain releases, it becomes addictive...that feeling we get when we live this we chase it and we work towards finding that feeling by doing it again and again.

👉Gratitude can improve your relationships

...think about it, you are living in a positive way, you are learning to control what you can and give thanks wonder your relationships are thriving more...we are nicer to ourselves therefore we can be better to our peeps.

👉Gratitude helps you sleep better

...YES IT DOES! When you learn to control what you can and leave what you can’t, focus on the blessings in the day instead of what feels cursed, you worry less. I sleep better too when my worries subside and it’s all related to gratitude.

👉It can help you cope with stress and improve your mental strength.

...YEP, again! When you look a the beauty instead of the are not stressing about cleaning up the mess always, you are too busy looking at the beauty surrounding the mess.

👉Gratitude can improve your productivity

...YAAAASS! Don’t you feel like a dang rockstar after you sit down with your journal each day? Like “YES, WORLD, HERE I AM...THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME GOD! “ then it’s on...we go run the day instead of the day running us!

So, you get my simple act changes EVERYTHING. FOR. THE. BETTER.

Who would have thought, right?

When I say, I found a room in the House of Gratitude, I mean it. It took me a while to figure this out but I did it and you are doing it too.

Isn’t that room cozy and warm?

The temperature is just right, the smell is amazing, the walls are gorgeously decorated, the food is luscious and there are fluffy blankets meant for us to wrap ourselves in and stay as long as we are willing. There is no check out time here.