Do It Scared…

As many of you know, I was a local tv news anchor for nearly 15 years. I woke up at 2:30am to wake up the state of Arizona.

I was an intern at the station when the opportunity arose...there was a traffic reporter position open and I could apply.

So with a big nudge from the then morning anchors, I gave it a go and let me tell you...I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I GOT THIS JOB.

I didn’t know east from west, north from south. How the hell was I going to tell viewers how to get to work?!

Well, I got the job and I am pretty sure I wore turtlenecks every day to hide my hives. I was scared I remember telling myself that if I would try for this job and if it ended soon, I could check it off the list and have no regrets.

I would do something from that day on, everyday, that scared me.

Of course, after doing this job as long as I did, the hives went away but the notion to stay comfortable was not an option. There were interviews that scared me but I did them. Then, there were challenges I gave myself, like running a half marathon that scared me, but I did them. Everyday, I told myself to do 1 thing...just as the once late first lady told us all.

Want to start proving to yourself you can do hard things?

Do something scary. Not once but everyday. I don’t mean jumping from an airplane everyday but something out of your zone of cushy, plushy, comfy day.

👉 Maybe it means going to meet an old friend that you want to reconnect with.

👉 Maybe it means putting your resume together to send off to a new job opportunity.

👉  Maybe it means joining a club.

👉  Maybe it means running a mile.

Your “scared” looks different than mine but I know this with all of my mind and heart, you will grow when you try and you do it. Even if it doesn’t turn out as planned, you will feel accomplished and proud that you stepped out of that comfy place and into something different.

I did it several months ago when I left TV. That was a big old scary feat but I did it and I am so happy I did. I won’t stop living this motto and I want you to start living it. Small, everyday.

Go do something different today. I can’t wait to hear about it!