10 Cheap Finds that Rival High End Looks

Ooops, she did it again?! Don't eye roll, YET. Yes, it's another "list" but Sis, I have been holding in these secrets for toooooo long...they have to come out, NOW.


Because there is not one reason you need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a PRICEY designer hand bag or pair of shoes when you can hunt just a little and find a similar look for WAY LESS.

As I say often, if you do have a larger budget and can afford those higher priced items then I say, "GO, SISTER, GO!!!"

The beauty about our own personal budgets is A) YOU get to decide where your money is going to go. YOU get to give each dollar an assignment each month. B) Everyone has a different financial situation and if you CAN spend that amount of money on clothing or shoes, then you should not feel guilty about it.

My goal has always been to be as transparent as possible. I will continue to as long as you all keep me around here.

For so many years people assumed because I was on TV that we made loads of money. We were paid well but not what you imagine in your head. Then you add in how dumb we were with money and you get why we foolishly racked up A LOT of debt. $52K!!! Here is our story if you haven't read it.

I loooooved going to Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic...you name it, I shopped it and spent it. $200 on a dress or shoes was justified because I had a credit card that I could rack the debt up on and pay a monthly payment to keep the facade going.

Yes, I know, we had our own set of issues and I thank God everyday we took a pivot and made a decision to live radically different.

Here I am now, not on TV, not in debt and I STILL LOOOOOVE the hunt of a bargain but even more, I love the uncovering a pair of shoes or top or dress that look like the really fancy schmancy expensive one in the window at the fancy store but they are literally pennies compared to the real ones.

THIS to me is fun! THIS to me proves you can pay down debt, look amazing and one day retire...sooner than you think!

THIS to me is a way of life. It isn't a trend for me. It isn't something fun to write about for a hot second.

THIS, I will preach all day everyday. When you don't have debt and your priorities shift a new world opens up. A life I believe God always intended you to live. One that leads with a generous heart. You have more to give and it feels really awesome.

And, even if you are already a financial ROCKSTAR, guess what?! Rich people love to save money too. THAT. IS. A. FACT. Read The Millionaire Next Door and you'll understand that completely.

Now, enough of my rambles, here's the goods!

My 10 Best Designer Looks on a Budget

1. Jelly Bow Sandals

I can not imagine spending hundreds of dollars that on a jelly sandal BUT no fear because we found a pair that is a similar look to the originals. My friend has the real ones and the only telling difference is the weight of the shoe, other than that, NO one will notice they aren't real. I have the nude and the black because for $20 I could not resist! Adorbs for spring and summer and in AZ, we live in our flip flops.

2. Studded Sandals

Seriously, I can not even. Originals are in the ballpark of $300! These are THE cutest for summa'...get em' stat. The black ones are identical to the real ones.

3. Sassy Sneakers

If you don't know Golden Goose Sneakers, just Google. It is where I learn everything too. I first saw these a few years ago when we did a story on them in my TV days.


Because they are sneakers made to look dirty and sold for like $500...that is cray to me. A friend of mine got them in Italy for like $200 and did say they are like butter on her feet but I just can not spend that kind of money. So, you know what I did....hello, internet, show me what you got! I found these and I LOVE them. Yes, of course I bought the leopard. Do you even know me? But they are all fun and funky and are similar to the GG look. Rock them with jeans or leggings a fun midi dress. So fun!

4. Gucci Inspired Small Backpack

I love the classic look of Gucci. It's always simple and the statement logo of that red and green just pops. This bag is my fave! First, because it's "Mom Bag" meets "I am so cool and hip and you won't even know there are stashes of goldfish crackers and sippy cups inside of here" status. It's big enough but not obnoxious. I love it for my weekend "I have to sports Mom it up" vibe. It holds snacks and looks cute. Isn't that like a gift from Heaven? I say "yes." I bought the black one.

5. Chanel Inspired Quilted Handbag

Well, we all know the classic-ness of Chanel. Never goes out of style and rises to the top always no matter what. However, it's like 3 mortgages to buy a purse and that ain't happenin' over here so this one is one of my fave rivals. The quilted look is a signature for Chanel plus the studs just add sass and you know I am here for that. It's my go-to clutch. The nude one is FABULOUS.

6. Celine Inspired Sunglasses

Omg. Do I dare tell you about the season of life when I bought $200 sunglasses like every other month?! What in the actual hell?! I know. Don't shame me. Sis, here was just livin' her life and clearly had no clue how to behave with money. I "needed" those pricey glasses to show I had "money" but really I was only fooling myself. They were bought on credit cards where the balance followed us for years. These are one of my fave dupes. Celine makes a classic black over-sized frame and you will die when I tell you where I found theme? THE. 99. CENT. STORE! But it's like finding a needle in a haystack so for ease, I found them here on Amazon and they are still cheap...$14 and likely last longer than my 99 cent scores.

7. Black Aviator Classic Sunglasses

I found a pair super similar to these on the Wal-Mart clearance rack and you know what happens, everyone asks "where did you get those?" and then you can't find them because there were 3 left in all of AZ...so here is a pair identical to them and they rival a classic Gucci over sized tortoise shell frame. THESE.NEVER.GO.OUT.OF.STYLE.

8. Gucci Inspired Belt

I got this as a gift and I am floored by the look of it! Great quality. It will instantly make you feel AH-MAZING. A classic black or brown would be amaze with a dress or darling jeans too!

9. Burberry Inspired Scarf

Another clearance find from Wal-Mart had me searching high and low for a look alike for you all. I found mine years ago and wear it often, well, as long as we get cool days in the month or 2 of winter here in phoenix. This classic print will never die. P.S. it's so cute with a tank and jeans, use it as a wrap or "poncho" and a cute hat and BAM! Instant, adorableness.

10. Cartier Inspired Bracelet

Might be one of the best dupes, EV-AH! Why? Because the original one runs with a price tag of about $4,000-$14,000! SAY WHAT?! Yes. I said that right. Google it and see for yourself. However this one is under $20 and you get the same look. Obvi, it's not real gold and diamonds but do we care?! Nope. I don't wear a lot of jewelry but when I do it's simple and classic. THIS. IS. AS. CLASSIC. AS. IT. COMES. Get it for you or your bestie or your sister.

So there, you go! It's not a big list because I don't want to overwhelm you but it is my top 10 of REALLY, REALLY, GOOD inspired by the TOP designers but less money winners.

I don't believe we have to sacrifice great taste and a pulled together look because we are shifting our money towards other things. We just have to get creative and search a little more for the big winners.

As always, THANK YOU, for being here. And because I tell you all the things, if you click on any of the above links and buy an item because you love it, I earn a small commission off that. Just letting you know all the deets.

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  1. Carole Lester on March 13, 2020 at 11:04 am

    Andrea, I used to watch you on TV every morning, and often thought Rick looked down on you on occasion, but you held your own and never took offence! You had me as a from the time you shared that you and your Grandmother always hit the Black Friday sales! I am not lucky enough to have a granddaughter to take shopping, but if I did, it would be my wish for her to remember the fun things we did together. Love your new venture the best of everything to you and your family. Liv, laf, luv……..Carole

    • Andrea Robinson on March 17, 2020 at 3:21 pm

      Thank you for the sweet and loving words Carole! I will go shopping with you at any time.