What Cheering for Others Says About YOU


I was a cheerleader in high school, shocking, I know.

I like to encourage, I like to cheer for others, I like to help people believe in themselves. I want them to see what I see...their beauty, their worth, their hearts...just the way I see them.

I want to RAH-RAH-SIS-CUM-BA all dang day!

I will admit, it’s super easy to cheer for easy-to-love people but it’s extremely hard for me to cheer for those that are ill-spirited, mean and hard to love.

It is a practice that I continually work on

I tell you this because one of my favorite quotes has so much to do with this notion. It’s from Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president.

“I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t want to let him down.”

-Abraham Lincoln

This is exactly why I cheer loudly.

  • What if that person has no one pouring any bit of encouragement or belief into them?
  • What if they don’t have anyone to push them out of comfort and into greatness?
  • What if you are the only one that spoke something beautiful to them that day?
  • What if your encouragement changed the course of their path?
  • Why not try to be that friend that believed in them?

Here’s the thing, usually, when we can’t cheer for someone else it’s because we don’t feel happy or cheerful about ourselves, so it is really hard to be that way with them.

Through my journey of peeling back layers of my old self, I realize that jealousy is usually what gets in the way of my cheering ways.

I’m being totally honest but I still deal with it. However, as I grow and especially through my journal practice, I continue to break free from these feelings.

When we start by writing down what we love about ourselves, what we are grateful for today, and what we want to accomplish, it brings our self confidence up.

When you actually SEE what you are and affirm it, your mind will begin to believe it and then I 100 percent believe you can start seeing other’s success and beauty without ever questioning yourself.

You will begin to cheer loudly and with real heart and freakin’ big megaphone!

Today, affirm yourself, you are enough. You are enough with what you have TODAY.

You are made so beautifully by our God.

You are the only YOU out there...how dang cool is that?!

Here is my challenge to you...can you do this?

I challenge you today, to send a note, a text or call someone with some kind of encouragement.

One day, you may be the friend that believed in them.

It is truly the way to combat jealousy and start to mend those ill spirits that fill our hearts. When you begin to do this often you create a habit. One that is full of love and genuine heart. This is how the world begins to soften...it always starts with YOU.