Try This…Practice Makes Progress

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“Practice Makes Perfect”

I grew up hearing this and now I am determined to change the meaning.

It drives home the idea that PERFECT will be waiting at the end of your practice.

Here we are, a new year upon us and many of you are getting ready to set some big goals. Don't get me wrong...I believe in BIG, AWESOME goals and love the drive and energy it takes to smash them but as you set them...I am reminding you that if "perfect" is part of any of that 2020 vision or will be disappointed and here is why...

BREAKING NEWS ALERT, SISTERS...YES, I still have a little news girl left in me...PERFECT DOES NOT EXIST.

Yes, I just used all caps because I am driving home this point loud and clear. You won’t find perfect no matter how hard you try, how many hours you work, how much you exercise, how much you diet, how much money you make, how many beautiful dresses you buy, how many amazing vacays you take or how many goals you set.

Here is the mindset shift I have begun making over the last couple years.


Can we expect to be more positive if all we do is whine and complain everyday?


Can we expect to become debt free if we still ‘Keep up with the Joneses’ and spend like we are millionaires?


Can we expect to better our health if we eat fast food everyday?


Can we expect to change careers if we stay stuck and don’t put ourselves out there to make new connections?


We can’t meet our goals and get better if we don’t move and moving requires practice everyday however, we can’t miss this...practicing whatever it is does not equal a perfect result. EVER.

It will in fact move us towards progress and that is the sweet spot worth living forever. If you are making progress you are moving towards better and that is when life ebbs and flows a little more beautifully.

I am attesting to this because when I lived in the “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT” realm, I always fell short, I never felt fulfilled.

When I began living in the “PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS” realm, a new level of fulfillment and contentment emerged.

It’s why I have a portion of your journal that asks you to write “3 things I will accomplish today.” I believe a never ending to do list leaves you feeling less than and unaccomplished because a 14-mile long list is impossible to get done in a day.

You will chase “Perfect and done” and never get it.

3 things are manageable, and what you can manage becomes a win.

❗❗ And winning....WINNING IS EXCITING!!!

When you move in a process of working towards progress you in turn begin to see yourself differently. Your mind shifts to “YAAAASSS GIRL! I DID IT!” and “BOOMSHAKALAKA, I ROCKED MY DAY!”

We can’t expect ourselves to move a mountain in a day but little by little, day by day, 3 things at a time, WE ABSOLUTELY CAN.


Then recite it, tape it somewhere, move towards something and see it as progress everyday.

We got this. Together.

Let’s help each other move a mountain or just get out of bed today. Your progress is YOURS. It is your story. It is beautiful and you are doing it. Let’s show up for practice today.

We get another day because GOD IS SO GOOD, EVERY.DARN.DAY.

Here is to another year of practice...I welcome you, 2020. Let's do this!

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