Livin’ Like I Am 8 Years Old…

You know that song "Live like you are dying"...Tim McGraw...duh. Well, insert "Live Like You Are 8 years Old" instead.
Did I paint the picture, is the song stuck in your head now?? YES. Job accomplished. No, but really...I know what you are saying now...

“Okay,’re 38...remember?!”But then I say, “I don’t care and in my heart and head I am gonna be hip forevs."

I think it’s okay to be trendy. I think it’s okay to be old school. I think it’s okay to be silly. I think it’s okay to be serious, or goofy, or maybe studious.

I think it’s okay to be YOU.

I know I have lived and have been in the process of really relearning who I am, the way I am made, the way I was before the world diluted my spirit.

I look at my 8-year-old daughter, Caylee, and I want to put her in a glass box and keep her like that forever. I don’t want her to stop picking out mismatched clothes.

I don’t want her to stop singing loudly or dancing in public. I don’t want her to stop coloring pictures or making funny bracelets. I don’t want her to tame her sass. I want her to keep all of these things because they make her, CAYLEE.

The way GOD made her.

The world has not gotten a hold of her yet and told her she had to stop any of these ways.

Now, I’m not about to go all “bubble boy” mom on her but I do want her to be so firm in her identity as she grows that when someone tells her “umm honey, you don’t dress nice or you don’t match”

-That she will look and them and say,

“I think I look FABULOUS! I am doing me and this is how I like to dress.”

I want us all to live like 8-year-olds forever.

Their minds are open, their hearts have no boundaries and they know who they are because they haven’t been watered down by the world.

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