In Some People’s Eyes You Will Never Be Enough and That is Okay and Here’s Why

I am a BIG believer in affirmation but for many years my NEED for affirmation was chased to the point of exhaustion. I had an unhealthy attachment to other people and the validation they would give me. I craved it like it was a drug. Needing a hit of the good stuff often. So, I would chase and chase a goal.

I LOVED when someone would say all the good things, stroke my ego and make me feel enough. But words and validation is fleeting just like a hit off of a drug. You find you gotta keep doing and going and striving to get that affirmation to keep coming.

A cycle that never ends. A race that is exhausting. Chase the goal, accomplish it, do something great, gain the attention and affirmation... the high short lived thus the cycle can not be broken leading me back to feel not enough.

When someone stopped noticing, the lie that played on loop was "you are not doing enough. You are not a good enough friend. You are not smart enough. You are not talented enough. You are not loving enough. You are not skinny enough or fast enough."

Those feelings bubbled up inside of me often. For so many years I didn't believe I was enough just as I was. That I had to be SOMEONE and SOMETHING to everyone to be enough, to be successful and ultimately to be loved.

I want you to realize that chasing goals, doing, creating, striving, working hard is GREAT and that drive is put into our spirits for putting good into the world but chasing them just to be seen, validated and loved is an endless road that exhausts you to the core. Still on the recovery road of this one here.

I want you to realize that you will never be enough to some and it's okay and this is why...

❤You will try to love hard and it won't be reciprocated at times.

❤You will show up for people and you will be let down at times.

❤Your ways won't be received as right at times.

❤Your intentions won't be perceived as authentic at times.

❤Your passions won't align with everyone at times.

❤Your hard work will go unnoticed at times.

The point is that you may do, do, do and some will never see YOU or feel as if you did enough. Maybe it's a boss or a co-worker that you feel this with or a friend or a family member. Chances are you have had someone or an experience with this, maybe it's something that comes up often.

You will be disappointed if you allow them to paint the truth of whether you are or aren't enough because their lens they choose to see you is not God's and that is okay.

They don't fully know they depths of your heart. They don't fully see you or truly know you but God does.

The truth is,without God, I will always feel not enough.

But with Him and when I truly rely on His truth, I am enough. I am enough because He is more than me and fills the depths of my heart with the truest affirmations of all.

When we feel enough, we are confident, we walk more purposefully and we do it with great focus on ONE goal...glorifying Him and pointing others to His healing ways. We give grace and we just concentrate on loving others no matter what.

I believe He sends us people who love us unconditionally, encourage us endlessly and never stop showing up however we can't expect that tall assignment to always be met. But we can expect that of Him.

He may be the only one who can actually meet every square inch of your heart and every emotional need.

His lens is the clearest of you.

❤You don't have to put up an act.

❤You don't have to hustle for His love.

❤You don't have to win Him over with your schedule or bank account or growing business or your house or the perfect life you are trying to keep.

Today, as I tell you every single day "You are enough." You are because He fills the spaces inside of you and sees YOU with all the things you do and with none of the things you do.

He's after your heart, not your accomplishments.

I am saying this out loud because after reading literally hundreds of comments and emails on this topic over the years, I felt we have keep talking about it.

One of my friends said "I am just tired of not being enough and told I am not enough." My heart broke. I want to shout this from the roof top, YOU ARE ENOUGH, despite another human not being able to see YOU. 

You are loved beyond comprehension no matter what your past looked like, no matter a mess up or a stumble, no matter how much money you make or how thin you are or how well known you are. 

There are a lot of untruths in the world and they preach them loudly...but today and always I will shout a truth that most of the world doesn't share enough:

Today, you are enough because you have a God who created YOU, designed you, wove your heart together, gave you a powerful mind, amazing abilities and the will to walk this life as YOU.

Don't let today pass without the feeling of confidence you can only gain with His strength.

I am never gonna stop walking with you, reminding you and encouraging you with that.

Let's love the people we meet today no matter what. When we know where our identity is, it makes it a lot easier to do this and to believe we are enough.

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  1. Mike on September 3, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    Yes I was born in the church uncles and aunts pastors and I know his coming for his church soon but since 24 had a brain aneurysm left me paralyzed on right side and it really sucks it very hard killed my confidence. One handed u can’t do nothing, everyone says ur God strong soldier tryn to lift me up but it not been strong it just living with it nothing about been strong at all. There just trying to make u feel good, lost everything speech for years learning things all over again wife kids but wears u down after all these hardcore 26 yrs of being this way it’s just I feel I got cheated. I don’t know just goin thru crazy stuff but thanks you for that encouragement thats cool

    • Andrea Robinson on September 8, 2020 at 11:12 am

      Keep going and I will keep encouraging you!

  2. Ann OBrien on September 4, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    Thank you

    • Andrea Robinson on September 8, 2020 at 11:12 am

      You are so welcome!