I hate this but it has taught me this…

Time flies when you’re having fun...isn’t that what they say?!

But really...why is it as we get older there is a sense we are attached to a time machine and catapulted to the future???

And then all of a sudden we feel Marty McFly in Back to the Future - except we don’t have that sweet DeLorean car with the cool doors...but they do have hoverboards now soooo, that’s cool, I guess.

I sound like every grown adult out there...

“Enjoy it now before the time passes and you are older and your kids are walking down the aisle.”

OMG...I have turned into one of them.

I feel old.

I swear I am still 22-years-old in my head. I forget my age sometimes still but I just looked and I am way past 22 and my oldest kid has braces and my daughter is 6 going on 26 most days.

Lord, help your girl here. HA!

But really...I believe their wisdom means a lot and they share it with us because they have seen the speediness of time as you age. I am grateful for their perspective as so much of that wisdom helped me in making changes to a better ME a couple of years ago.

 Shifting that priority list.

 Getting rid of the junk that made my mind messy.

 Growing internally and prioritizing that.

Letting God work in my and through me. Surrendering to Him.

Who knew there was so much to getting older?

I remember being in school wishing to just get out, to be an adult, to have a job and then coast when you hit that sweet spot in life.

There is no such thing as coasting if you are living...

You will constantly be moving and growing and if you refuse to do that, I believe is when you don't fully experience what God has planned for your life journey.

Journaling is a HUGE part of that journey.

A better you takes work, but that work is possible if you set your eyes to something bigger than you...for me that is God.

I don’t know what the rest of my life is truly supposed to look like. I am not sure how long my life will be. I am not sure what tomorrow looks like but I know this...I won’t waste another day being stuck too long.

To be unstuck we have to make a choice to move and moving is scary but it is more scary, I believe, looking back one day and wishing I had moved or jumped or tried to fly.

💜 Don’t look back

💜 Keep moving

💜 Time marches on whether we say “GO” or not

💜 Time doesn’t listen to us

💜 Listen to that voice inside of you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

💜 Pay attention to the things and people that come in and out of your life

They come to us on purpose to help us move into our own purpose and the journey of finding purpose is this beautiful little road called “Life”.

I wish you a beautiful drive today on that road.


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