What is the lead story in your life today?

I worked in TV news for 15 years. I know what a headline is. I know what click bait is. I know what sells a story. The headline is everything. It captures a viewer, pulls them in. Once they are in, we tell the story. Hook em' with a headline.

Today, I am no longer in news but a good headline draws me in, I focus on the story after that.

And right about now, we are BOMBARDED with all the headlines. And most of them have us all frazzled and frightened. They have tugged at every fiber of our hearts and have heightened ever emotion God has given us.

If you are human, which you are, then they have affected you in some way.

Earlier this week a friend sent me a message and it was from the perspective of an 87 year old woman. One who has lived a long life and has seen and experienced A LOT. From war to famine to disease.

And like most older people, when you have lived that long you have gained wisdom that is infinitely greater than any young person's "wisdom."

Experience and life gives you perspective and wisdom that only comes from years of walking a journey.

The one thing this woman spoke of is how we all have the capability of creating and re-writing our own headlines. Our own life headlines. She said "I learned a long time ago not to view the world through printed headlines. I see the world through the people around me."

Sure, you just read about another murder, another house fire another tragedy but don't you think there are many other beautiful moments happening at the same rate? Don't you think that for every tragedy there is some kind of triumph too? For every bad story, there is a good one too? You bet there is.

And when you focus on the beautiful moments in your life, in your community and the encounters you have with people...you re-write the headlines.

The ones that no one sees across a TV screen but reaffirm to you that the world is GOOD and LOVE still reigns and LIGHT is still breaking the darkness.

The ones that involve your family, neighbors, strangers, random acts of kindness and grace. Those headlines can be what you focus on if you look for them. If you move your mind in that direction.

And what you focus on grows. Where your mind goes, your heart goes.

Your life has GOOD in it. It will never be perfect but it will always be seen as GOOD if you so daringly choose to write that headline today.

Those are the headlines we have to focus on. THOSE are the barometers and measure of people in this world. I promise they exist.

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  1. Tracy Richardson on June 22, 2020 at 10:54 am

    Good morning Andrea, I was working until I was let go 3 years ago from a nursing home I worked at YES I loved that job and worked at other ones to , but as they say it takes a toll on your body. I started at 24 years old got married at 33 and kids late I am 48 Yes I am . Now I been home I love it being here with my 3 kids when they wake up for school and when they come. I love my Life , My husband, Kids. My Mom is 67 and drives I still worry I lost my Dad 7 years ago Yes it is hard but I have my kids and husband . have a great day.

    • Andrea Robinson on June 30, 2020 at 7:34 am

      Thank you for sharing your journey! So much love for you!