This Entire Wardrobe is From Wal-Mart

I LOVE WAL-MART! There, I said it. Like one of my fave stores because I can find the BEST rivals to the expensive looks you see floating around Instagram land or Facebook world.

Here is the thing: there is nothing wrong with choosing expensive high priced clothes. That is your choice. But for me, it doesn't align with my priorities and our financial goals as a family.

I love to have cute clothes, dress smart, look great...I mean, who doesn't?! You are lying through your teeth if you say "I just don't care if I look put together or not."

It feels good and sometimes that is what gets you moving upward and onward when you are feelin' kind of crappy on the inside.

It feels even better when you can put an outfit together for 20-30 bucks, right?! When you can still pay off debt, save money for your kids' college or put your dollars towards paying off your mortgage instead of towards a fancy, expensive outfit.

But like I say, "You do you, girl!" If that works for you, go for it. I just know for me, getting to where we want to go in the long run financially, means we have to keep the department budget low. It is just not a priority for us.

SI have become the biggest lover of Wal-Mart. I love to share my finds with you, my sweet sisters, so this is for YOU. 

My Favorites From Wal-Mart

1. Snakeskin Flats

THESE. ARE. MY. FAVE. Guess who is dramatic? Me. But really, these are legit and look just like the Steve Madden ones that still float around except these are $14! And girlfriend here loves me some comfort, these can be slipped on and walked in all day. They are that comfy!

2.Casual Cheetah Slip Ons 

Yep, another pair of animal print shoes. Lord, help your child who can not stop buying leopard....BUT at $9.00 a pair, you can not beat that. Plus, they look super cute with ANYTHING. Leggings, jeans, a dress...I do not care what you wear them with you just need them. Added bonus, they have memory foam. My older self and old feet love that. They are cushions from Heaven. For reals.

3. Stretchy, Fabulous Jeans

These jeans rock! They are stretchy and feel like leggings but more acceptable to wear out on a din date with your hottie then your trusted leggings.

4. $10 Jeans

Did you hear that? Should I say it louder for the people in the back?! I used to spend hundreds on jeans. Yes, expensive ones are nice, they fit great and sometimes feel like butter BUT less expensive ones can still look great and fit the bill and leave you space in your budget for something that REALLY matters. I bought these in black and the dark denim. Classic and go with everything!

5. High Waisted Jean

I just found these in the store on clearance for $4! Yes, I should have bought a Lottery ticket too as I felt so lucky to score them but look here...found them online for under $10! BOOMSHAKALAKA

6. Best Vintage Thin Tee

Under $8 and these look good on everyone...thin, vintage and the PERFECT fitting tee for all. Your summer wardrobe will thank you!

7. Black Basic Slip On

You need these everyday in your life. That end. But really, they go with EVERYTHING.

8. Tan Suede Bootie

Another winner at a winning cost. I love a tan heeled bootie because it makes your legs look long and lean...gimme that all day long. YES.

9. Greatest Little Summer Dress

UMMMM...let's just praise Jesus right now, okay? Why?? Because this delight has pockets. Here for the pocket life forevs. This one is cuter than ever. I bought it for my Mother in Law over the summer in navy blue. Order a size down. They run big but they flatter EVERY BODY. You will love it.

10. Basic and Classic Tote Bag

"I like BIG bags and I can not lie"...I love a "catch all" bag that doesn't look like a "Mom Bag." This one is a great go to and the price point is LEGIT! PLUS...It rivals a LV bag! 

And there you have it...some of my FAVE things from the ol' Wal-Mart. Hope you love them.

Hope you share this with your friends too because a sharing sister is the sister for me.

And P.S. In all my transparency I earn a super small commission if you click on the item and buy through that link. If that freaks you out, you can happily search on your own and go that route.

Love you. Mean it. 

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  1. Roxanna on February 28, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to
    Put this together for us. I my self greatly appreciate it very much.

    • Andrea Robinson on February 28, 2020 at 3:05 pm

      You are so welcome!! XOXO I appreciate you!