Gimme All the Leggings, Thank You.

Okay, let's talk about something that hits the deepest part of my love for leggings. They are life. They are like a warm hug from Jesus Himself.

And as we all stay put in our homes and no real need to put on a pair of pants or shorts with a button...leggings have become our #1 wardrobe staple. Am I right? Can I get a "A to the Men?!" Can you scream it from the rooftops too?

I know everyone out there is giving us all the advice: "stick to your routine, get dressed, put on your will make you feel better."

Ummm...okay, maybe. I definitely believe a shower and a good hair washing and a slick of mascara will make you feel like a million bucks but I ain't about to put on a pair of jeans right now to just sit in my home office or ride a bike with my kids for the 5,321st time.

This is me...if you are getting dressed everyday and it is making you feel good then by all means DO IT, SISTER. I am here for it. I am here for you walking your path and DOING YOU! But for me, at this moment, leggings are my saving grace.

They love me when I eat all the salads and drink all the water and they love me when I eat chocolate and drink wine.

Forgiving, full of grace and never ending love...kind of how we should all be in life, right?

Okay, so on to the list! A short and sweet one because honestly once you find something you love, a few is all you need in a handful of colors that will pair with anything.

All affordable (under $30 a pair) because I ain't married to The Money Peach for nothing, have I not learned his ways?!

Enjoy! And as always, I am always transparent...I earn a small commission if you buy from these links. If you aren't comfortable with that, feel free to search on your own and go that way. Thank you for being here...I love the community we have built.

Leggings Club List


Is there anything better than a perfect, buttery feeling, high waisted black legging. These the closest pair to the infamous Lulu's that I have found and I have searched and bought many and nothing has compared to these ones. Under $30 and FABULOUS. Even the tag looks identical!


Another rival of the pricey ones...a little longer in length than the above ones. Higher waisted too and a close snug fit but these have ALL the colors and patterns and lots of sizes. Under $30 too!


You. Need. These. Literally can be worn with anything. Walks in the hood, lounging around by the fire, or dressed up a bit with a jean jacket and tennies. And they fit like the pricey ones. I bought black because it goes with everything and is a staple. Under $30 too!

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  1. Alvin Avery on May 3, 2020 at 5:43 pm

    I have watched your whole career here . and you are awesome and your reason for leaving was the best family first. You go girl

    • Andrea Robinson on May 18, 2020 at 9:38 am

      I appreciate you and your unending support!